CUSTOM Electronics Ltd was formed 53 years ago in 1963, and was involved in the industrial electronics and component trade. 

Twenty-seven years ago we changed direction to take advantage of the deregulated telephone industry. This direction saw us become involved with the development, import and marketing of telephones. In fact we were among the first to develop and market a "Telepermitted" Telephone. Then we added affordable Car Audio products to our range with our own Brand Name.
Later we added what has proven to be a popular range of Headphones, Audio Leads and Indoor TV Aerials. Over the years we have gained experience in the design, development, branding, importing and marketing these and a wide range of similar products and we have put the personnel and systems in place to support the nationwide distribution of our range.

Our current market share has been achieved, we believe, by providing proven successful products at very competitive prices, a 100% replacement guarantee, our own Service Department for any technical help, the ability to tailor our service to your needs and a team that believes in our Company and our ability to deliver.

We consider "CUSTOM ELECTRONICS" and "100% CUSTOMER SATISFACTION" to be synonymous.

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